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WSL Families!!!

Please see a copy of the  Waterside school's Cell Phone Policy!

Thank you for your support. 


All students can now access the Performance Scantron Series Online.

Have you filled out your child's lunch form?
If not, do it today at by clicking HERE!!

How can I get the Waterside uniform?

Get sweatpants, sweatshirts, uniform T-shirts and more!!!!
The order will be shipped right to you!

Click here for Summer 2015 Reading Work Packets!!
If you are going into 6th Grade, click HERE!!
If you are going into 7th Grade, click HERE!!!
If you are going into 8th Grade, click HERE!!!!

Please note the following additions to the WSL school uniform for the 2015-16 school year:

 The following items are now Approved:

1.     Sweatshirts/ Sweaters:  WSL now allows scholars to wear all NAVY and/or all Maroon Sweatshirts/ Sweaters over their uniform shirts. (Must be a Zip-Up or button-down Sweatshirt/ Sweater)  MUST HAVE THE SCHOOL LOGO.
2.     Sweatpants:  WSL now allows scholars to wear school approved navy blue sweatpants.  They must be ordered from Cookieskids.com and MUST HAVE THE SCHOOL LOGO.
3.     T-shirts:  In warmer weather, WSL allows scholars to wear maroon t-shirts.  T-Shirts MUST HAVE THE SCHOOL LOGO.

The following Uniform expectations are still in place:

  •   Scholars must wear navy blue trousers or skirts.
  •   Scholars must wear ALL black shoes/ boots.
  •   Scholars are not allowed to wear coats, hoodies, hats, do-rags, etc.
  •   Scholars are also expected to wear belts as needed.


\Waterside Family Orientation
August 26th, 2015
10am and 1pm


Check out the WSL Supply List to find out what you will need to be successful in this upcoming school year!

Click HERE for the Waterside SUPPLY LIST!

Order your WSL Uniform and have it delivered right to your door!
Click HERE to visit the Cookie's Website!
For additional information, click Here for a flyer!

Please note:  Gray shirts are for 8th graders only!

 Congratulations to
our Class of 2015

2015 Seniors celebrate Prom Night

2015 Seniors Celebrate Prom Night

2015 Seniors celebrate Prom Night

Waterside's Basketball Team
beat Scholars Academy to Become
Rockaway's B-Ball Champs

Waterside's Basketball Team

WSL Track and Field Team!
Our scholars are soooooo Amazing!

Waterside's Road Runners
compete in the City Championship Games
on Randall's Island

Waterside's Track Team Welcome's
New York Road Runners Gold Medalist
"Derrick Adkins" to Waterside!

Check Out Waterside's Co-Ed Soccer Team!


"Forever Friends"
Seniors 2015

Check out some cool sites to practice Math and ELA!!!

Math websites include:

All Scholars at WSL have an IXL login and password.



Reading websites include:

Language Arts: Middle School Games

My Hero Project

Online Reading Comprehension Quizzes

Aesop's Fables

Other Sites that will help strengthen your algebraic knowledge!







Waterside Math Focus:  Algebra

Click Below for some math sites that will help strengthen your algebraic knowledge!







Other math sites include:


WSL scholars enjoyed their October Field Day!

Different Teams spent time competing  and smiling.....

Class vs Class.....

Even sister vs. sister.......

We all had a great time together!!

On Monday, January 26, based on the expected storm, all after-school programs, PSAL, and evening student education programs will be canceled. School field trips will also be canceled.
Schools will be open on Monday for the regular contractually scheduled school day.
All scholars are dismissed at 2:30pm.

Join us for two important December events!

 December 16:  PTA Meeting and Award Ceremony at 5:30pm   
December 22: WSL Winter Festival and Talent Show at 5:30 pm

Join us for our
Community Thanksgiving Dinner 
Tuesday November 25th
Dinner will be served from 4 - 8pm!

Perfect Attendance Breakfast 
November 10th, 2014

WSL Open House on November 6th, 2014 at 5:30 pm!

Please note: Schools will be open on Wednesday, January 28, 2015.
All field trips will be cancelled.
After-school programs will be open.

All Senior Families are expected to join us for a High School Informational Meeting on Wednesday, October 8 at 5:30 pm

Learn more about the selection process and High School options from Guidance Counselor McLeod.  Also sign up for individual meetings to help ensure your child gets into the High School of choice!

This Summer, dedicated scholars at the Waterside School for Leadership designed and created the mural entitled
"The Road to College" ! 

Check out a video of their artistic process below!

Waterside Writers visit Tribute Park with Mrs. Feeney and Share Reflections

Click below to see their work and poems: 

Join us on 
February 26th at 6pm for our
Black History Month Celebration

Los invitamos!!! 26 de febrero: La Celebración de el Mes de  Afroamericanos (6:00pm) 

Monday, November 30
Parent/Guardian UFT Book Club 900am